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This Course has the objective of preparing you to develop from top to bottom a funding application to ERASMUS+ Programme in the field of youth. A programme that support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. 

To be able to develop a project and an application to funding in the field of youth, you have master some concepts and learn more about the programme. And for this reason, our teachers have selected some material and videos from diverse sources that better explain how the programme works and what you need to do to develop a good project.

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Felix Soares

Felix Soares

Vice-President of For Citizens - European Institute for Active Citizenship

President of Health Citizens - European Institute for Health Promotion

Environmentalist, Progressist, Active Citizen & Health Educator. Follow me at: 
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Vanessa Costa

Vanessa Costa

Secretary-General of EuropeanAssociation of Young Educators

Ana Catarina Caldeira

Ana Catarina Caldeira

President of For Citizens - European Institute for Active Citizenship

Follow me at LinkedIn