• The Brief – Old dogs, old tricks

    Innovation could yet fall victim to the deadly touch of the coronavirus, if governments decide to bet the entire house on a pandemic recovery aimed squarely at established technologies and practices. New ideas cannot be left to die.

  • EU recovery fund is a chance to accelerate the circular economy

    The EU recovery fund can be used to unlock an estimated €1.8 trillion opportunity by 2030 by making better use of materials and reducing waste, write Patrick Schröder and David McGinty.

  • Metabolic protein may lead to cure for multiple sclerosis

    EU-funded researchers are aiming to develop a new class of drugs to treat and even cure multiple sclerosis, building on groundbreaking research into previously unexploited mechanisms of an ancestral metabolic molecule the helps regulate the immune system of all humans and mammals.

  • Navigating around a bee's point of view

    For years, researchers have struggled to understand how bees navigate so effectively with such small brains. Now, an EU-funded project has developed new technology to enhance our understanding and to potentially advance efforts in bee conservation. This new knowledge could also be transferred to other sectors, such as engineering.