• The Brief, powered by BSEF – Gone with the wind

    There is something fittingly telling about the way the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre will play out on 11 July. For those who don't know, it's the biggest single atrocity on European soil since World War Two, where Bosnian Serb troops slaughtered 8,372 Muslim men and boys after overrunning the designated UN safe area in eastern Bosnia.

  • Foreign aid to be big loser from EU budget under Michel plan

    EU external and development spending is in line to be the biggest loser from next week’s crunch EU budget summit in Brussels. The blueprint outlined on Friday (10 July) by European Council President Charles Michel includes a reduction of €4.7 billion for the Neighbourhood Development and International Cooperation Instrument in the EU's next seven-year budget.

  • Research Headlines - New crop to provide bio-based products from poorest soils

    [Source: Research & Innovation] By adapting the Andean lupin to grow as a biomass crop in Europe's poorest soils, the goal of the EU-and industry-funded LIBBIO project is to supply a range of products to the food, animal feed and cosmetics industries.

  • Building the future 2020 - boosting innovation in the construction industry - 15 July 2020

    [Source: Research & Innovation] Energy efficiency in buildings is a major global challenge: Buildings and their construction account for 36 percent of global energy use and 39 percent of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions annually. But how can we make this industry more sustainable?Join INNOVIP online event "Building the future 2020 - boosting innovation in the construction industry" on 15 July 2020 if you would like to find out how innovative new construction materials and solutions […]

  • Beschleunigung der Impfstoffentwicklung im Kampf gegen COVID-19

    Die Entwicklung eines Impfstoffs ist ein zeitaufwendiger, komplexer Prozess. Aber wie die aktuelle globale Pandemie verdeutlicht, ist Zeit ein entscheidender Faktor. Eine EU-finanzierte Forschungsgruppe hat daher eine Plattform ins Leben gerufen, die Dienstleistungen, Unterstützung, Vernetzung und Schulungen anbietet, um die Impfstoffentwicklung, u. a. gegen COVID-19, zu beschleunigen.

  • Acelerar el desarrollo de vacunas para luchar contra la COVID-19

    Desarrollar una vacuna es un proceso largo y complejo, pero, como ha dejado bien claro la pandemia actual, el tiempo es esencial. Esa es la razón por la que un grupo de investigadores financiados con fondos europeos ha creado una plataforma que proporciona servicios, apoyo, redes de contacto y formación para ayudar a acelerar el desarrollo de vacunas importantes, incluida la de la COVID-19.