• SIBIU Innovation Days - 26-27 November 2020, Online & Sibiu (Romania)

    [Source: Research & Innovation] Sibiu Innovation Days has emerged from the desire to bring closer academia, businesses and decision makers. The event closely follows the successful model of Cluj Innovation Days , which has proven over the years to be a platform among all the main stakeholders in the Cluj wider region interested in bringing innovation in many aspects of their activities. The format of the event will include three sections: Session of innovative projects developed by […]

  • European Innovation Council - European Innovation Council invests €191 million in 58 game-changing technologies

    [Source: Research & Innovation] Fifty-eight novel, high-impact technologies have been selected in the last round of investment from the European Innovation Council (EIC) ‘Pathfinder Open’ Pilot, funded under Horizon 2020, the EU research and innovation programme.

  • Bankrolling a green revolution, one mortgage at a time

    With some 210 million buildings in Europe, most of them energy inefficient, the scope for sustainability gains is huge. How would Europe deal with the cost of all those renovations? An EU-funded pilot scheme that already involves 65 banks is proposing incentivised mortgages as a way to leverage the necessary funds, fast.

  • A bright future for perovskites in lighting and displays

    EU-funded researchers behind a breakthrough solar-energy technology have also laid the material foundations for a new generation of digital displays that could surpass latest-generation OLED screens in brightness, colour range and energy efficiency.