This is a network platform of For Citizens, Young Educators, Health Citizens and other partners. Here you can find some information about all the tools we use to develop our work.

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The network is made of three international non-profit organizations, there delegations and more then 56 partners.

We are an European non profit and non governmental for development organization of young people. We feel that Europe is a continent without boarders, without racial or ethnic differences. We feel Europe as a place where we can be different and diverse. As young people, we want to use our energy to fight for our causes, and empower young people to move Europe in a new direction, and promote human rights, equality, social inclusion, citizenship and knowledge. We are present in 10 european states. Get involved!

We are an institution independent of governments, political parties, philosophical and religious conceptions, with the objective of promoting civic and democratic participation. For Citizens is especially dedicated to the European Union and the European citizenship, based on the defence of Human Rights, equality, social integration, environment and the participative democracy. Throughout cooperation with other institutions, we are implementing projects oriented to every citizen, to encourage their interest, engagement and participation in European society. We develop scientific surveys and researches on civic, political and social movements with the aim to objectively analyse, produce and disseminate knowledge and information. Our objective is to foster social and political transformations that allow a more democratic participation of the European citizens. Our main work areas are political sciences, foreign affairs, history, visual culture, art and memory. We intend to integrate a multidisciplinary view in our analyses in order to better comprehend the world we live in and to reach a brother audience. Through audio-visual and other media supports, we disseminate investigation, surveys, information, as well as scientific researches. Learn from the past, build a better future. Get involved! Join us!

The objective of the Institute is the promotion of health through actions that promote a healthier life, as well as citizen participation and there empowerment to promote an improvement in the quality of there community life.