TC – Results Plus: The sound of projects

This Training Course is for max 50 participants from Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme countries.
When? 18-23 June 2018
Where? Bucharest, Romania
Application Deadline: 29/04/2018
Recommended for: Youth workers, Youth leaders, Project managers, Youth Policy Makers, teachers, professors, educational professionals.
Have you ever had the feeling that you are doing a great job in your project and it deserves to be better known?

If you did, this is the course for you! For four days we will study together DEORish and translated it together in plane English. Just for clarification: DEORish is a dialect of Erasmish (another language that could do with a little bit of translation here and there) that stands for Dissemination and Exploitation of Results. Or in other words… how to show the world what a wonderful job we are doing by changing lives and communities around us. One at a time, by the means of effective learning.

The Sound of Projects aims to put you and your projects in sync with the world in which each plays with its own instrument creating a symphony by carefully correlating the DEOR activities with the implementation of an Strategic Partnership Erasmus+ project. The music sheet is about the specific terminology related to DEOR (dissemination, exploitation, visibility, promotion, results, etc.) while the violins and drums are the activities, results, communication tools or the stakeholders.

This 4-days event will bring together 50 Erasmus+ musicians (applicants and potential beneficiaries from different sectors – youth, school education, VET, adult education, higher education), offering space for networking and developing future collaborations under Erasmus+ strategic partnership projects.
Participants’ arrival: on June 18, departure on June 23, activities planned for June 19, 20, 21 and 22.

Participants’ profile:
We are inviting to the TC: youth workers, youth leaders, project managers, youth policy makers, school or university teachers, educational professionals from institutions and organizations that:
– implement approved Erasmus+ strategic partnership projects or
– applied and didn’t receive financing for Erasmus+ strategic partnership projects.
Professional experience and/or responsibilities in project’s communication is a plus.

The main objectives of this TC are:
– to understand DEOR concepts, such as: dissemination, exploitation, visibility, promotion, results, etc.;
– to offer participants the adequate tools and methods to plan and carry out effective DEOR activities related to projects’ outcomes and outputs;
– to effective relate to relevant stakeholders within the DEOR activities;

In this respect, by the end of the course, the participants will be able:
– to distinguish clearly the elements defining dissemination and exploitation of results in Erasmus+ projects;
– to use the adequate tools to reach the best outputs regarding DEOR activities;
– to adapt online and offline tools to the specific target groups and activities in their projects;
– to design a DEOR plan and assess its results;
– to define impact indicators of the DEOR plan.

TC’s main topics will be:
DEOR’s role in achieving project objectives;
Communication and results, indicators and impact;
Stakeholders and DEOR;
Communication objectives;
DEOR plan, methods, tools and resources
DEOR and project sustainability.

During the TC, a guide supporting the understanding and the implementation of DEOR activities in an Erasmus+ projects will be elaborated by the organising NA.


This project is financed by the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme, 2018 TCA budget. Being selected for this course, all costs (accommodation, travel, visa, etc.) relevant to participation in the course will be covered by the NAs or SALTO involved in this project – except a participation fee which varies from call to call and country to country. Please contact your Erasmus+: Youth in Action NA to learn more about the financial details, and how to arrange the booking of your travel tickets and the reimbursement of your travel expenses. If you come from a country other than Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme Countries, please contact the host Erasmus+: Youth in Action NA for further information about the financial details.

Organizer: ANPCDEFP (National Agency)


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