EVS in Brno (Czech Republic)

Alliance Francaise – pedagogical assistance

Project description

The French Alliance of Brno is a non-profit organisation with two main activities:
– As language school: It provides courses of French language, from beginners to advanced students; organizes exams at a national level and delivers an official degree (Delf-Dalf)
– As a cultural center: It organizes different cultural activities during the year (ciné-café, conferences, tasting evenings), and one month festival presenting French culture through different disciplines (festival Bonjour Brno).
It is also a pole for welcoming French people who just moved to Brno and who need advice.
The volunteer will closely work with the staff of the French Alliance (director, coordinator, and teachers). We want him/her to feel part of the French Alliance, his/her role will be to help with workshops of French language for pre-school and 7-12 years old children, build relationships with schools in region, help organize events for francophone families with kids.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The volunteer will live in a flat (private room, shared flat) in Brno. He/She will have lessons of Czech language and meetings with EVS coordinator and other volunteers – there will be group of other EVS volunteers, working in other partner organizations in Brno. Volunteers have 2 days a week free + 2 days per month of vacation. They are provided with card for public transport, get pocket money and food allowance monthly.

Volunteer will work 35 hours per week (this includes Czech language lessons, meeting with coordinator and other volunteers, own miniproject/s).

Training during the project

On-arrival training organized by National Agency. Volunteers can also all year round visit some of the courses and events organized by Luzanky for free to learn something new and for recreation (s.a. circus trainings for adults, ceramics, yoga).

Volunteer profile

We are looking for a person who is interested in French culture and language and who would like to help to spread a Francophile spirit. In order to have interesting tasks, it is better of the volunteer has a certain level of French language. He needs also to have taste for cultural activities and pedagogical environment. The motivation, sens of responsibility and creativity are really important for us.
He/she will also have some time to think of activities he/she could organize or prepare. We want to leave some space for his/her creativity and ideas.

Additional information

Luzanky coordinates and host more EVS volunteers who meet every week on common meetings with coordinator.

Project Dates : From 01/09/2017 to 30/11/2017

How to apply

Send a CV and a letter of motivation to : join@infoeurope.eu