EVS in Białystok (Poland)

Children with disabilities “GLOCAL”

Project description

The basic tasks for the volunteer:
– assistance for teachers leading daily activity (30%)
– helping in the computer classes (learning the simplest programs and Internet) and art (40%)
– assistance in outdoor activities (10%)
– assistance during meal-time (10%)
– individual projects in cooperation with 3 associations working on behalf of handicap people. Handicap children usually feel excluded and lonely, with our actions we want to break and change it by different activities. (10%)
– Global education ambassador – including global education activities in the school. Prepare materials and events.
– support events organised by coordinating organisation (theater performance during winter holidays, festivals ect).

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The coordinating organisation rents a flat in the city of Bialystok. Here lives the volunteer together with other volunteers or with students, has own room and common bath and kitchen.
The volunteer gets a monthly ticket for city travel. The coordinating organisation pays also the travel expenses connected with the on-arrival training and the mid-term meeting on the base of original tickets
The volunteer gets from the coordinating organisation money for food and pocket money (total around 760PLN per month).

Training during the project

on-arrival training in Warsaw – Polish National Agency (6 days)
mid-term training in Torun – Polish National Agency (5days)
global education – ANAWOJ Association (3days)

Volunteer profile

We are looking for volunteers ready to collaborate with children with mental and physical disabilities. We are open for candidates from EU countries.

Project Dates : From 01/10/2017 to 30/06/2018

How to apply

Send a CV and a motivation letter to : join@infoeurope.eu